Chancel Flowers

March 23, 2013

Traditionally lovely flowers grace our chancel during worship each week. These flowers contribute to the beauty of the service and remind us of the glory of God's creation. When the flowers are not taken home by donors to grace their own homes,   they are given to shut-ins or others in need.  Many are touched by the gift as they remind our brothers and sisters they are not forgotten. The flowers can be donated in celebration of an anniversary, a birthday, or other event, or may be given in memory of a loved one(s). Sometimes they are offered in thanksgiving for God’s blessings in someone's life.

The flowers can be ordered through the church office or you may obtain them yourself.

Please request a date for your flower dedication in one of the following ways: 

  1. Contact Ruth Mikalonis in the church office on 908-756-2468
  2. Complete the form in the bulletin and drop it in the collection plate (or in the office).  
  3. Sign-up on the sheet in the Church House Hall.
  4. Use the form on this website (LINK)

If you would like more information,
        please contact Deacon Geraldine Harvey on .... 

Thank you so much for your gift.