A Turning Point

When I was a little girl I took dance lessons. My mother wanted to ensure my sister and I did not 'walk like horses' so we dutifully donned our tutus and ballet shoes (and later tap shoes) to begin refining our sense of balance and poise. I was doomed from the start, my hopes of ever being a ballerina were slim and secretly I longed to walk like the majestic animals I loved so much. But still, the idea of balancing my whole (at that time) little body on my toes while I learned the various positions reminds me of how even today I (like so many others) struggle to balance so many things on the toes of limited time frames, accelerated deadlines, unexpected projects that pile up, and well, that thing called life. All of this balancing, of course, while struggling to make it look easy (sure I can do everything) and performing with fluid grace (ladies don't lose their cool).  Frankly some of that training and life experience HAS taught e to balance a lot of things effficiently and with grace that's sincere. Taking on more just means shifting some thing around, and that's okay. So when am I coming to a spiriitual point?  It is this. Here at CAPC we have a LOT of things we are juggling and handling and are excited about what is happening in our midst. Our dance is one with the Spirit who, when allowed to lead, lifts us to our toes with expectation and admiration for all the Spirit can achieve.  We head into summer and changes in staff and 175th plans and reopening of food missions and so much more, but we seem to be doing it all with grace and aplumb.  Well, perhaps those dance lessns really helped after all!