And Where Are You Off To?

Oftentimes as I was getting on my shoes to head out the back door, my mother would ask me, "And where are you off to?" It could have been almost anywhere...but mostly it was 'out' to play. I loved being outdoors and playing with the other neighborhood kids. We explored, and talked, swam, rode bicycles and pushed the  limits. We were out there having fun and living the life. 

It is an image that came to mind as we begin this new year. Where are we off to? Will our year ahead be filled with exploration and challenge? Will we push the limits, our limits, and realize that we can be so much more? How will we grow as a community of faith and who will we meet along the way?

CAPC is a church on the move. We are 'out there' in ministry and mission, especially our Soup Kitchen that continues to attract new volunteers who share how they enjoy their time together, making a difference in the world. They share how they almost feel guilty because they are having so much fun ministering. But why can't it be that way? 

People come to worship and are moved not only by being in this space with which we are blessed to worship, but are touched by the incredible level of music, by the prayers and words that are shared. Some are surprised that they feel so immediately 'at home' and some sit silently with tears welling up and express gratitude for 'just being here and being so welcomed.' One woman shared that she had been in a lot of different churches, and each one taught her something different, but this church, she said, taught her about love. I cannot think of a better testimony for a church that seeks to live the Gospel.

We have all the other ministries that you will find at other churches, Sunday School and adult education opportunities, book groups and Bible studies, but you will find something more here as well. Outstanding music offerings by very talented and professional musicians and singers. You will find opportunities to serve and learn and grow. You will find a chance to leave your mark here in this place as you answer where God is calling you to make a difference. 

Who knows what the future holds, but we know who holds the future. We might ask you the same question, 'Where are you off to today?" We'd love to hear your response.