Pastor's Blog

Well-meaning people, lovely people, caring people just get this season all wrong. I hear people wanting to fight off 'Christmas' at least until the turkey grows cold, but as well meaning as they might be...they are wrong. We aren't guilty of jumping from turkeys to jingle bells with a nod and a flash, but rather of forgetting outright what season truly comes after Thanksgiving, and that is Advent.  You probably won't even have heard of this strange season unless you have atended a church. It's not that we want to keep it secret, but rather that we want to keep this season sacred. Advent doesn't lend itself to screaming jingles, flashing lights, painfully tacky glitter, it is way too deep for that. Advent is about something that is real, meaningful, sacred, Truthfull wih a capital 'T' (and yes, I meant to spell it that way).

Advent for people whose hearts are tuned to someting more lasting than the passing fad is a season to prepare for what I feel is the penultimate holy day (I still hold Easter as a holier day). It is celebatory in nature not because of what parties we get invited to, but rather because we recognize that Christ is the true gift of love in our lives that nothing else could ever replace. Advent is a journey of discovery--taking stock of where we are, making a plan to move forward, opening ourselves so that the sacred can be revealed. 

We hope that you will want something more out of life as well, something eternal and deep and lasting. We hope that you will want to come and join us on this amazing journey. Come to church. Take a devotional (and actually use it). Attend the three-part class 'Who Needs Christmas" or even just join us for a concert, a Journey to  Bethlehem or a service of Lessons and Carols. It's up to you.

We know its difficult. Life can be challenging, Christmas can overtake us and overwhelm our agendas. It just doesn't have to be that way. There is another road and we hope to see  you there.

In Christ,
Pastor Lynn