Pastor's Summer Blog

Another program year draws to a close here at CAPC and our hearts and minds turn towards trains, planes and automobiles to carry us off to far-flung destinations (whether to some exotic place or perhaps just the international aisle of the local supermarket). It seems like summer holds for us a chance to breath (at least we hope to take deep breaths, relax a bit and take the chance to ponder).  Perhaps it is time for us to stop and reflect, to question and to wonder.

Sometimes people feel like they shouldn't question. But I think questions are good, they are what puts our feet on the path to discovery and the opportunity to expand our thinking or deepen our understanding. This year  I asked our congregation to submit their questions, questions they would like to ask God.  And they did!

Each week this summer we will explore one of those questions. Perhaps they will lead to other questions or lead us to an answer in which we will discover something deep and rich. We hope you will join us. No pressure. It's summer. There is a list of the questions hear on our site so you could even pick and choose the ones you might hold as questions as well. We'd love to have you. Sunday worship happens at 9 am in our Chapel and at 10:30 am in our Sanctuary.

We'll leave the light on for you--Christ's Light, which remains our beacon of hope in all things.
Pastor Lynn