Crescent Avenue Presbyterian Church - Dr. Deborah Hunsinger en-us ©2020 Crescent Avenue Presbyterian Church Razorplanet Feed Generator 0.1.2 Mon, 09 Mar 2020 09:30:00 -0500 Mon, 09 Mar 2020 09:30:00 -0500 The Reverend Deborah van Deusen Hunsinger, Ph.D., an ordained minister in the PCUSA, is a Spiritual Director at Princeton Theological Seminary, and Professor of Pastoral Theology Emerita.  Originally trained as a pastoral counselor, Deborah taught courses in pastoral theology and pastoral care at Princeton Seminary for 25 years. Crescent Avenue Presbyterian Church - - 300 300 Sermon Dr. Hunsinger, Preaching at Crescent Avenue Presbyterian Church, Plainfield NJ. Her text is from Mark 10: 46-52; Blind Bartimaeous recieves his sight. Mon, 09 Mar 2020 09:30:00 -0500