EACH WEDNESDAY EVENING ADULT EDUCATION - gather at 7 pm via Zoom.This season we are viewing/discussing The Humble King: The Birth of a Humble King Through the Lens of Luke, presented by Rev. Lynn Santulli.  Call the church office if you'd like to sign up. 908.756.2468

CareNotes for a Quick Tip! Have questions? Scattered throughout our church are booklets for your use published by CareNotes. These are wonderful little booklets that address all areas of your faith life, the challenges we face, the questions we have. Peruse the supply and take one home for yourself or a friend. In a world that is so busy, they are wonderful resources that take just a few minutes of your time, but allow you to explore your faith.

PREPARE/ENRICH - Pastor Lynn is certified to administer the PREPARE/ENRICH marriage assessment tool. A wonderful way for couples who are planning on getting married to prepare for this important step in their lives, but it is also a wonderful tool for those who would like to strengthen their marriage as well. If you and your spouse would like to explore your strengths and growth areas of your relationship, strengthen communication skills, identify and manage major stressors in your life, and learn tools to make your marriage even better, contact Pastor Lynn to find out more.

Looking for a way to expand your understanding and appreciation of music? Why not take a free online course at Yale? Follow the link for "Listening to Music":   http://oyc.yale.edu/music/musi-112#sessions

Other small groups form on an ad hoc basis to address specific issues of living the Christian faith in today's world. If you are interested in participating or leading a small group on a particular subject, just drop us a note. 

Reverend Lynn Santulli, Pastor at Crescent Avenue Presbyterian Church
Phone:908-756-2468, ext. 203