Day Five of Our Mission Trip

 Mission Trip Day #5 (Half-Day Report)

During the course of this week at Stony Point Center, not only did we connect with God but we made friends along the way.  We all worked on various activities to improve Stony Point.  We worked on construction in the new Arts Center and painted the wall out front.  In our down-time we made friends, prayed and played a few games, oh and we also SLEPT!  We went on a number of adventures together exploring Stony Point.  This experience has been a great one and our reconnection with God and the outside world has been successful.  -Ryan

This trip was exhausting but fun.  We participated in fun activities like canoeing, campfires and having movie nights. But with great fun comes hard work.  We painted and worked on a house.  The meditation here was a new experience which I enjoyed.  I liked the food, it made my taste-buds happy.  Another exciting aspect of this week was meeting people and becoming close friends.  All in all my experience at Stony Point Center was hard work but it built character and it made us appreciate God and ourselves more.  -Ashley

From the adult leaders:

It is hot outside!  Don't worry we are making them stop today for lots of water and sunblock reapplication breaks!  Our day today started very early, leaving at 6:15AM to go over to Harriman Park to go canoeing.  It was beautiful and peaceful.  We were the only ones on the lake, the kids got in a swim in the lake and kayaked and canoed.  We came back to work this morning and are finishing up our outside mural design as you can see.  We'll be uploading the final photos tonight before we leave.  Thank you for blessing us with your children this week!