Day One of our Mission Trip

Day One of our Mission Trip

by:   Jake Watters (WAPC) and Jonathan Stevens (CAPC)

Today was a very interesting day.  I learned about scaffolding and pipe-work.  I also broke the concrete in-between the walls.  I enjoyed my day at the Stony Point Center and I'm pretty sure I'll enjoy the rest of the week.      -Jonathan

Today started off another busy week here at Stony Point.  The immense workload with which we were tasked today had everyone beat by the time this workday was over.  Unfortunately, the weather has been a bit bleak and it looks to continue, but that won't keep us from doing our job.  Stay tuned for more updates.  -Jake

From the adult leaders:

The kids today did a great job!  They are doing really well together making many new friends and working hard at the work that is being set out for them.  Tonight we ordered some pizzas for them and Rick Ufford-Chase is leading us in evening devotions on the Presbyterian Peace Discernment Process.  We are having a wonderful time this week! 

For photos from today click here


Posted by Dominique Stevens on July 3, 2013
Thank you for sharing your experiences. I am happy to know that you are enjoying yourselves while working on such a worthwhile mission.
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