Day Three of our Mission Trip

 Mission Trip--Day #3

Today was super awesome!  We finished putting foam board on two whole walls!  FINALLY!  Hahaha!  We did a little bit of everything! I learned how to work the "jigsaw"...AWESOME RIGHT?!  I was scared at first, I wanted to make sure I finished the day with all my 10 fingers (hahaha) but Adam taught me how to use it properly.  :D  And then I went outside and Shannan and I did some garden work (weed pulling) and guess what I found!!!!.....A WORM....he was my Buddy, I named him "Bob".  He was definitely the highlight of my day!  hahaha :D  I can't wait to find more buddies in the next couple of days.  I'M EXCITED!   -Kary


There would be so much to talk about but I can't talk about all of it in this blog.  So I'm going to start out with how good of a week this has been.  With all the friends I have made so many memories with them and bonded with them.  God blessed me with this good group of kids.  Also we had fun working on the Arts Center.  I learned how to work the tools and put foam board on the walls for insulation.  It was a lot of fun.  I'm hoping to make more memories this week!  Talk to you soon! - Mike

From the adult leaders:


Another good long workday with the kids.  Tomorrow we will work a little more than a half-day for the 4th of July and then we are going to a nearby series of interconnected lakes for canoeing and kayaking.  We'll come back for BBQ here at Stony Point and then into nearby Haverstraw for fireworks.  They all continue to work hard and play hard.  They have really bonded together as one group, which we are all very happy to see and our evening devotions and conversations with them have been very rich and deep.  We hope you all have a wonderful 4th of July!



Posted by Dominique Stevens on July 4, 2013
It sounds like so much fun we may have to arrange a trip for the adults!
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