Final Update from our Mission Trip

Mission Trip, Final Day Report

It's hard to believe the fact it's Friday and I'm still working as hard as I was on Monday.  I was expecting a little fun and then the two-hour ride home.  Instead I got fun, work, work, more work, and then the trip back home.  I don't mind it at all through.  Working this hard is teaching me a good work ethic.  Besides the group went kayaking and canoeing early in the morning today so that justifies all the work I'm doing because it was so much fun.....I still wouldn't mind being home right now.   -Brandon

Thank you!!!!! I'm exhausted.  It's been fun but I think it's time to go back to Jersey, where I belong.  I've learned a lot of lessons, I've learned how to weed gardens.  I've learned ALL life is valuable.  I've learned how livestock and gardening is important to farmers.  I've made friends.  But I'm tired and I want to go home.  I'll see you later!  Shower and bed!  -Chris

From the adult leaders:

Thanks to everyone who send their youth with us this week.  What a transformative time we had together.  What an opportunity to grow close to each other and God's Spirit!  What an opportunity to grow and learn from each other!  What an opportunity to build community and friendships between two congregations!  Our youth are wonderful and we we so blessed to be with them!