The youth of the church can add energy and enthusiasm to our programs. We believe in keeping our youth involved with all of our activities. We also build them a sturdy foundation of learning to prepare them for life. 

Senior High Fellowship

9th through 12th graders at Crescent Avenue, enjoy a robust program focusing on fellowship and building an understanding of applying the teachings of Jesus in the real world. In addition to weekly Sunday classes, the teens have regular outings that include ice skating, laser tag, and go karts. They also take a leadership role in events involving the whole congregation like our yearly barbecue, Christmas play, and Youth Sunday.

The students are excited to participate in projects helping those in need. This can range from feeding the homeless at a local shelter to personally selecting Christmas gifts for needy children. Our week-long summer mission trip is an exciting chance for them to bond. In the summer of 2013, our youth went to Stony Point to work on their Arts Center. You can read about their trip in the blog below.


Confirmation is a major milestone in any Christian's path toward spiritual maturity. At CAPC, 8th
graders and older youth not yet confirmed participate in the CAPC confirmation program led by Youth Director, Adam Rauscher.

The youth study a confirmation curriculum that instructs in the core beliefs of the Christian faith. Each youth is also paired with an adult mentor who assists in the spiritual development process. The confirmation process culminates in a special celebration during a joyous worship service on Pentecost Sunday when the youth are formally received as members of the CAPC congregation.

Youth Ministry Updates

Read about recent activities and events with the youth of Crescent Avenue Presbyterian Church.

WORKSHOP: A Blueprint for Building Children: Following God's Plan

By: Stephanie DeGeneste, MS. Ed.

Come to Crescent Avenue Presbyterian Church 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 15, 2014,  for this workshop that will present Biblical persective on child-rearing. Registration is required. There is a $20 registration …Read More

Blessings Bag Drive

By: CAPC Teens & Youth

The teens and middle school students are accepting donations until Sunday, Nov. 2, for items to fill our Blessing Bags. The bags will be distributed to CAPC Soup Kitchen guests on Election Day 2014. Items include new donations …Read More

Final Update from our Mission Trip

By: Brandon and Chris

Mission Trip, Final Day Report It's hard to believe the fact it's Friday and I'm still working as hard as I was on Monday.  I was expecting a little fun and then the two-hour ride …Read More

Day Five of Our Mission Trip

By: Ryan and Ashley

 Mission Trip Day #5 (Half-Day Report) During the course of this week at Stony Point Center, not only did we connect with God but we made friends along the way.  We all worked on various activities to …Read More

Day Four of our Mission Trip

By: Destiny and Matthew

 Mission Trip Day #4 Today we were working on painting and scraping paint off the dining hall building.  It was tiring but I think it was the best work I've done all week.  Dinner was …Read More

Day Three of our Mission Trip

By: Kary and Mike

 Mission Trip--Day #3 Today was super awesome!  We finished putting foam board on two whole walls!  FINALLY!  Hahaha!  We did a little bit of …Read More

Day Two of our Mission Trip

By: Shelby Watters and Delxie Rivera

Mission Trip Day #2 Reflections   Today, the third day of our stay here at Stony Point and the second full day of work, presented many new obstacles to overcome accompanied by a varying new …Read More

Day One of our Mission Trip

By: Jake Watters and Jonathan Stevens

Day One of our Mission Trip by:   Jake Watters (WAPC) and Jonathan Stevens (CAPC) Today was a very interesting day.  I learned about …Read More

30 Hour Famine

By: Adam Rauscher

The youth of our church participated in a 30 Hour Famine. For 30 hours, locked in the church overnight, the teens ate no food while they learned about hunger. A creation of the wonderful …Read More

Vacant, Director of Youth Ministry